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Join the IWW - Application Request Form

Please submit this Request Form to verify your email address and access the full Membership Form.


  • You must be 16 years old or older to join
  • We may take up to 30 days to activate your membership. Once your membership is active, you'll receive your membership card by post and get access to the online IWW Member's Area, Forum and Chat application.
  • Members are entitled to IWW representation for workplace problems after three months of continuous paid-up membership. If you're joining because you have an immediate workplace problem please use our contact form (click here) to check if your local IWW branch can arrange representation.
  • IWW members are expected to abide by the aims and constitution of the union.

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You have chosen Option (1): You are a new membership applicant who has never been a member of the IWW (anywhere in the world). You are not transferring your membership from another union that is affiliated with the IWW.

You have chosen Option (2): This is for applicants who are current or past members of another International IWW section or affiliated union, and wish to transfer their membership to us, the IWW WISE-RA (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England Regional Administration). The IWW WISE-RA covers IWW membership for persons who currently live in the UK and Ireland, Iceland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia/Oceania.

International IWW sections and affiliated unions we accept membership transfers from:

  • The IWW German Language Regional Organising Committee (GLAMROC).
  • IWW AustralAsia Regional Organising Committee (AusROC)
  • IWW Greece Regional Organising Committee (GreROC).
  • IWW Iceland Regional Organising Committee (IsROC)
  • IWW Netherlands
  • IWW North American Regional Administration (NARA) and IWW Canada (CanROC).
  • SAC Syndikalisterna in Sweden
  • Affiliated unions of the ICL-CIT (International Confederation of Labour - Confederación Internacional del Trabajo):
    • Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Spain
    • Eλευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ενωση-Αθήνας (ESE), Greece
    • Federación Obrera Regional Argentina (FORA), Argentina
    • Freie Arbeiter*innen-Union (FAU), Germany
    • Inicjatywa Pracownicza (IP), Poland
    • Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI), Italy

IMPORTANT: please note however, that if you wish to join the IWW and live in any of the following countries or areas listed below, you shouldn't join using this form, and need to click on the relevant country's/area's name to visit the website of the IWW section of that region. You will need to join with them directly as they administer their membership data autonomously:

You have chosen Option (3): You are a former/lapsed member of the IWW WISE-RA who wishes to rejoin and re-activate your membership with us.



After you submit this form, we'll email you a link to the full Membership Form. This allows us to verify your email address. If you don't receive the email, you may have given us an incorrect address or your email provider may be rejecting our emails. In that case, you'll need to re-submit this Request Form with your correct email or a different one.

As a returning member, please provide your current name and preferred email as you want them registered on your membership record going forward. If the details you provide here are different from those registered when your membership was last active, we will request your old details in the full Membership Form, for verification purposes. Please keep in mind that the email you provide here will replace your previously registered primary contact email.

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